Introducing EcoPress

In the pursuit of perfection, Aurea Stone has evolved towards a new concept of engineered surfaces. A new vision committed to environmental sustainability, features the ultimate technology to obtain a durable and strong product that perfectly imitates natural stone.

The realization of this vision is a brand-new material, Symphony EcoPress – a printed surface which combines an environmentally friendly manufacturing process with a patented printing technology to revolutionize the stone market and lead a new stone generation.

4R New Formula

EcoPress is a unique material that has been developed with our revolutionary 4R Technology named after its four major pillars: Reduce, Recycle, Reuse and Respect.

By incorporating up to 70% of recycled materials, such as glass, Symphony EcoPress achieves a significant improvement in the use of post-consumer content, simplifying and economizing the manufacturing process, and reducing the use of raw materials.

The use of recycled materials combined with a meaningful reduction in crystalline silica, Symphony EcoPress has the lowest environmental impact among the other engineered stones in the market. In comparison to traditional quartz surfacing, the generated breathable crystalline silica is reduced up to 70%, contributing to a healthier work environment.

In addition, nearly 100% of the water required in the manufacturing process is reused.

The EcoPress Model

Aurea Stone´s commitment to perfection is not only in the process but also in the outcome. To create a surface which flawlessly imitates natural stone has always been our ultimate goal.

For this reason, Symphony by Aurea Stone honors the original Aurea Stone and brings: unbelievable white backgrounds with no visible grains; translucency equivalent to real marble; unparalleled visual depth; sharpness and realistic details of each vein; amazing light reflection and brightness; smoother surface.

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